Bomb Dice(Colorful) – Magic Toys – CentMagic

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The magicians shows one large die sealed inside a transparent container.

A large dice, easily visible in transparent box, explodes into 8 smaller colorful spot dice. The small dice are tossed out for examination by the audience. A large die is placed in the box and it visibly changes color!

Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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The Exploding Dice Bomb is absolutely great visual magic.

The Magician shows a die inside a container.

With one shake, the die instantly “explodes” into six to eight miniature dice!

This is an easy trick that is perfect for beginners!

You’ll be performing this effect within minutes of receiving it. Comes complete with instructions. Please note: Although eight miniature dice are pictured, prop may contain six to eight dice due to several manufacturers of this product. Color of miniature dice may vary.

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