Card to Wallet(With Bill Appear) -Close-Up – CentMagic

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.Wallet is made of high quality leather and designed to be used as a regular wallet.

.With it,you will be able to perform miracles anytime and anywhere.

.Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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.During a performance the magician hands his wallet to a spectator before asking them to select any card,sign it,and return it to the deck.

.The magician then shuffles the deck and says that if he can’t find the chosen card,the spectator can keep the wallet and its contents!

.The magician goes through the deck and the chosen card is missing,but inside the wallet is a zippered compartment – and inside the compartment is the card FOLDED up!

.There’s a moment of breathless anticipation as the magician hands the spectator the card to unfold – revealing his signature – and creating a remarkable experience the audience won’t forget!

.What better way to give out your business card than with this trick!

.Once you buy magic props from here, i will send you the products teaching video via email if you need it!!!

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