Chinese Magic Wand – Cane Magic – CentMagic

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-Magic “duck stick” (Acacia stick) Chinese traditional tricks

-Good quality props. The effect of magic, humor, belonging close-interactive magic!

-This prop rod with the average Chinese is different.

-Magician to perform magic tool that will two magic wand in your hand,

-One pull a rope line, another line of rope walking but it will follow;

-Scratched his nose, ears it will follow to pull the pull to move ……

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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When the short tassel on one wand is pulled, the long tassel on the other wand becomes shorter. This is repeated, until the audience shouts out that the wands are connected at the end held in the hand.

Amazingly, when the wands are completely separated, there is no connecting cord – yet pulling on the short tassel of one STILL makes the long tassel on the other become shorter!

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