Crystal Box Appearing Flower – Flower Magic – CentMagic

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-The overflowing casket is guaranteed to produce an audience that is overflowing with applause!

-Magician shows a completely empty crystal casket. In the blink of an eye, The casket suddenly overflows with flowers!!

-Instead of appearing flowers, you can make silks or money bills appear in the casket!! Unlimited possibilities & ideas!! highest degree of quality standards — a very nice piece of magic apparatus!

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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The magician shows an empty crystal casket to the audience,imagine their surprise when the magician waves his wand and the casket becomes full of beautiful spring flowers… The lid is opened and the flowers removed,again the magician replaces the lid and shows the empty casket,utter amazement as the casket is now shown full of colorful balls.

It is possible,to be first full of flowers and then full of colorful balls. The effect is beautifully constructed using the best quality materials.

Very easy to perform on any stage and will confound your audience.

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