Emulational Rubber Dove – Close-Up Magic Tricks – CentMagic

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This dove is going to be used as a great magic gag or in conjunction with a real dove act,which offers multiple extraordinary effects.

With this amazing priduct,you can make a dove vanish in your hands, inside of a handkerchief, make a real dove teleport from one side to the other, appear it inside of a bird cage and many many more!

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Emulational rubber dove made from high quality latex works well  for a vanishing or appearing cage illusion or can be used in a comedy routine where you try to convince people that it is alive only to have it turn into a real dove. This one you can do any effect you like, no instruction.

Easy to learn and easy to perform!Absolutely you will catch your audience in surprise!

A classic prop in Magic brought to a great level of realism! This is as good as it gets!
Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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