Feather Flower Duster Color Changing – Flower Magic – CentMagic

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-The magician displays 4 feather plumes, all different colors.

-He rolls up a sheet of thin cardboard into a tube and then, one by one pushes the plumes through the tube. -Each plume changes colors when it comes out the other side!

-At the end of the routine the magician opens up the tube to show it`s completely empty.

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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Hamed Colorful Feather Sticks Hamed Colorful Feather Sticks This item includes 4 pieces feather sticks, one tube and a stand.

All the feather sticks are on the stand.

They are made of high quality feathers.

The magician holds the first feather stick, puts it in the tube from the upper side then pulls out from bottom of it.

So, spectators see that the feather stick color is changed. Performer does the same thing with the next feather stick, color is changed again!

And the other feather sticks colors would be changed like the previous ones.You can use this item in all your performances.

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Weight 2.2 kg