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-First, completely soak a fire glove in water,squeeze it to semi-dry,and then immediately wear on the hand,finally wear a dry glove on the same hand. Actually, one hand wear two gloves, inside with wet glove,outside with dry glove. Then, drip 5-10 drops lighter fluid(zippo oil) on the dry glove uniformly

-Your hands get close to fire and your gloves are on fire,hold the fire on 5-15 seconds won’t hurt the hands, burning in long time will hurt the hands

-The fire gloves can be used to light the fire magic tools

-Grip your hands together to put out fire

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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1.Remove the pair of the gloves from the packaging. Take one glove and submerge it in water to wet it completely. Remove the glove and wring/squeeze to remove excess water. Put on this wet glove, and then wear the dry glove also (2 gloves on the same hand, inside wet, outside dry).

2. Using a previously prepared container of Zippo lighter fluid, evenly distribute 5-10 drops onto the center of the double layer gloves. When this preparation is done, it is ready

to be used for performance.


1)Can use a lighter/match/etc from one hand to directly light the other gloved hand on fire. Usually it is safe within 5-15 seconds, but any longer can and will result in injury.

2)Can use gloves to ignite a fire to make appear wand or other fire-related props.

3)Can use gloves(make a fist) to extinguish small fire.


Gloves are reusuable, but each time please limit burning to under 15 seconds.

Please carefully read instructions before use, following directions as stated


This product/trick is dangerous if not used properly, not suitable for those under 16 years old. Please use as directed and under safe circumstances. If any accidents occur from misuse, responsibility is on the user. Please proceed with caution.

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