Fire Powder – Fire Magic – CentMagic

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– Fire Powder (bottle pack)

– Are you tired of flash paper and flash cotton? Let’s try to add some fire powder. The flash effect is more awesome!!!

– Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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Want to AMAZE your friends with dazzling fire magic?

Your all in one solution & ULTIMATE Magician’s Fire Tool

Add a new dimension to your Magic Show! Let your Creativity Flow.Endless possibilities for New Tricks.


* 1 ounce Dragon’s Breath Powder

* UV- Resistant BPA-Free Food-Grade PE Bottle.* Good for up to 12-20 uses depending on squeeze pressure and desired effect.

* Safe Child-proof cap.

* Comes sealed in waterproof, moisture resistant bag.

* Narrow tip for easy loading in other magic props.

*A safe alternative to flash paper and cotton.

* Great for use with finger flash gun.

* Ideal for high school professors and controlled chemistry presentations. Would make a great gift for magic enthusiasts and/or addition to any collection.

Disclaimer: Not recommended for minors. Use in open environment. We are not liable for any injury or damage upon misuse.

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