Floating Water Cup – Stage Magic – CentMagic

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– it is complete yet simple to master.

– Easy to Learn . – Fun to Perform!

– Take it anywhere! – Makes a great gift!

– Kingmagic Brand , High Quality.

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When the magician takes a transparent glass and fill it with water, cover the glass with a piece of newspaper, then invert the glass upside down, the water in the glass does not spill out. This, is hardly surprising, because anyone with logic and some knowledge of science and physics could understand, this effect is due to the force of air pressure; this is an effect that anyone could do.

However, when the magician pulls away the newspaper covering the glass, the water in the glass magically stays unmoving, within the glass, not a droplet spilled. Now that, is impressive!

Even more impressive, is when this glass is being handed to an audience, the water still remains in the glass.

At this time, the magician can invite another member of the audience, to say the command, “OPEN” at any time, and the water will come flushing out immediately.

The glass is made of high-quality transparent plastic. It is a larger-shaped glass, and the trick mechanism is perfect. This is the best fluid illusion; it is complete yet simple to master.

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