Hand Flash Gimmick – Fire Magic – CentMagic

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-Magic numerous new ideas and improved crystallization, so that your palms in an instant explosion of flame,

-And change many things you want to change out (such as candles, pigeons, scarves, etc.)

-With many existing stage action. To complete the magic effect if you buy two better performance –


– Empty

-handed effluent

– Hands Flash

– Flash scarves

– Flash candle disappear or appear

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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A gimmick that will ignite flash cotton without the use of cigarettes, matches, or flame. This clever device can be used at anytime in the magician’s act. The device is easily concealed in the right or left hand by slipping one’s index finger into the attached ring, strike down with the thumb, and a fire flash is produced! This unit is sturdily constructed, painted flesh color, and will last for hundreds of performances before the easily changed flint will need to be replaced. Flashcotton sold separately

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