Interlace – Close-Up Magic Tricks – CentMagic

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.1. You can perform anywhere, the ring can take the audience on the spot

.2. Limitless use

.3. No cheating, using the same ring, only one ring.

.4. There is no spool, hidden line cheating.

.5.2007 magic of the latest devastating amazing results.

.Can be borrowed by any of the ring!!

.Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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.At any place, any ring, pen lightly struck, the ring disappeared! The audience looking down and found that it had been your shoelaces tie him out! Then gently untied shoelaces to take down the ring back to the audience!

.Ring or the ring has not changed the original!

.Above the ring did not speak!

.Do not re-prepare, can be immediately re-show!

.The new magic principle of amazing magic effects, the performers put on shoes for the perfect performance.

.You do not bend to pay attention to your shoes. To make the perfect set of borrowed ring in your shoelace!

.Once you buy magic props from here, i will send you the products teaching via email if you need 

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