LUBOR’S LENS – Close-Up Magic Tricks – CentMagic

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-Lubor’s Lens X-Ray to Change – Gimmick Card and Pen

-Popularised by Paul Harris and invented by Lubor Fiedler, the Lubor Lens is a fantastic optical illusion.

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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Great trick that can be carried in your pocket at all times with no set up and instant reset

Your friend holds a pen on their open palm as you hold a clear “Credit Card Protector” just above the pen.

You show a bizarre optical illuzion…and give the plastic lens a twist. The center of the pen suddenly becomes TRANSPARENT…and then completely INVISIBLE! They can even see right through her spread fingers where the center of the pen was a moment ago! Another twist of the lens and the missing pen centre suddenly becomes VISIBLE AGAIN!

BUT THAT’S JSUT THE WARM UP! You then slowly twist the lens again…and in full view the center of the pen visibly DISTORTS…then MELTS into a WEIRD TWISTED MESS!! But this time the optical illusion is REAL…and the weird twisted shape is now a PERMANENT part of the pen…You can even let your friend keep the deformed pen as a souvenir. And yes, it still writes!

No Switches or sleight of hand to worry about, magic tricks simply don’t get any easier than this to do.

This trick comes complete with special lens and 1x ‘twisted’ pen gimmick (these can be eaisly made if you wish to give away). No instructions are included but upon reciept of this trick it will be obvious how it works. Once you know its secret, Youtube is a great resource to watch demonstrations of this trick to enhance and evolve your own performance. Any problems please feel free to email me.

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