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  • Easy to Learn
  • Fun to Perform
  • Convenient to take
  • A great gift to give
  • Kingmagic Brand , High Quality.
  • There are Four sizes for your reference. Pls leave me a message about your choice.
  • sizering inner diameter/mm Finger girth/mm
    18? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?56.54
    19? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?59.66
    20? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?62.80
    21? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?65.94

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This is a prop that can be used during different trick performances. When you have this ring, you will have an endless repertoire of magic tricks that you can perform.

The magnetic ring is a prop that every master magician should be equipped with. Some classic tricks that use it include: the pistachio through glass effect, the bottle lid in bottle trick, the vanishing coin trick! As long as you use your imagination and creativity, this ring can provide you with endless possibilities.

The magnetic ring is a fragile object that could easily break. So do not throw it and be careful not to drop it intentionally. Keep it away from electronic devices and mechanical watches and other precision mechanical objects.

Before buying the ring, please measure the circumference of your finger, and select the right ring model and size for yourself.

This is how you measure your ring circumference:

Prepare a pen, a small strip of paper and a ruler.

Wrap the paper around your ring finger (but not too tight), leave a mark at the end of the strip with the pen.

Use the ruler to measure the start of the paper strip to where the marking is; find your ring size according to the chart below.

There are four sizes for your reference. Please leave me a message about your choice when purchasing.

sizering inner diameter/mm Finger girth/mm

18 56.54

19 59.66

20 62.80

21 65.94

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black, golden, silver

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18MM, 19MM, 20MM, 21MM