Mini SnowStorm Cannon – Fire Magic – CentMagic

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The use of electronic technology to manufacture the magic props, magic gun control in 2008 for the United States a trump card magic magic OEM manufacturing company, props technology is very attractive, the quality of the magic community recognized by the United States, announced the company’s Web site is a real photo shoot.

This effect is magic props: magician on the stage to empty out the dazzling fireball jet, so that the whole atmosphere was more tense stage magic, if the operation can also be used to ignite other skilled combustible items or props, oh.

Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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Fireball is a battery operated unit that will fire off a ball of fire at your command.

This is a great unit to place hidden on your table, in a prop; this unit should not be used on your body, only for props or as a stage flash pot.

You receive a black box housing with an easily found black button for sure-fire activation.

Attached to the box is a long cord that can be placed in a prop, behind a prop, hidden in your table; used as a flash pot, etc. Pressing the button fires off a ball of fire.

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