Silk To Rose – Flower Magic – CentMagic

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1.Easy to learn,suitable for beginners or professionals

2.The magician took a scarf, which was to shown to the audience, not hiding something both siden,then shake the magic scarf , change out a bright red roses, It is really the best props bubble girls.

3. The entire Rose flowers and stems can all be folded in the palm of the hand release can automatically pop up a whole bunch of flowers.

Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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NEW PRICE and Better gimmick now!

A brilliant effect, now perfected.

This routine is elegant, romantic, and dramatic. It has all the qualities of the ideal magicians performance. Smiles will bloom in the audience as the roses bloom from the stem.


The magician appears with a beautiful rose. He accidentally breaks the flower off of the stem. He feels terrible about killing the flower, but he does still have a silk. He shakes the silk and it transforms into a beautiful red rose at the end of the stem once again.

Reaching for the rose, he pulls it from the stem and a white rose magically appears in its place. The magician then breaks off the white rose, leaving only the stem. But with a wave of his hand a brilliant red rose once again blooms from the stem.

One big difference with this version of Auto Silk Rose is that during the performance different colors of roses appear on the stem.

Also three different rose blooms are produced during the routine, along with the bloom that is originally atop the stem for a total of four blooms.

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