Spiral Metal Illusion – Close-Up Magic Tricks – CentMagic

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-Rotating a disc for a long time, let the latest fashions hot mess, Hal.

-Can do a magic show of the timer, or to confuse viewers!

– Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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-The magician displays a small 5.75 inch, specially made spiral steel disk; imagine the kind a hypnotist might use. The spiral is spun on the table top and you instruct the audience to stare at the spiral and not look away. You start to count backwards from 10 to 1, and when you reach one, you tell the audience to look at your nose.


– Every audience will want you to do it again so this time you have the audience select a partner. Spin the disk the other way, and when they look at their partner, THEIR PARTNER’S HEAD BEGINS TO SHRINK!

– The spiral can be carried in your pocket. It is perfect for table hopping and strolling .

– Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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