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-A pair of seemingly ordinary playing cards, choose a card from the deck, put it back and washed many times, at which point magician can trump cards in any one location, finally the entire deck into the audience selected the card the magic.

– Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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The Svengali deck prevails as  the most popular trick deck of all time.

A card is selected and returned to the pack which is then shuffled. The magician then feels the backs of  the cards one at a time and is able to find the selected card by sensing which card is warmer from the  spectators touch! The selected card is then shuffled into the pack again only to jump to the top of the deck.  The cards are then cut once placing the selected card in the middle of the pack – but say the magic words  and the selected card is on top again!

Sounds easy to perform right?Do not hesitate to purchase and try it to astonish all of your audiences!

Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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