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-Here are three kinds of expressions on the surface of dice, viewers can

-choose any one expression and make this expression up then put the dice

-into the box and lid the cover. The performer can know what expression

-the audience choose without opening the box.

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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Magician shows a box, a cover and a dice with 3 different patterns.Audience choose 1 pattern from the dice and does not let the magician know the selected pattern. Then, puts the dice in the box and closes the box with the cover.Magician that concentrates his power and attempts to look through the box.

Not surprisingly, magician know which pattern is face up inside the box.

Magic dice (emotional perspective dice): plastic, soul, magic.

Magic effect: the surface of three kinds of expression of the dice, the audience choose a kind of expression, into the box, cover the lid, the performer does not need to open that is able to know what the audience is the choice of expression.

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