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-TwoThe performers took out a coin, disappeared after appeared in his hands, when he let the audience to see the coin, the audience together before a look, the coin would emit water, will face the audience got wet, fun!

– Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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-OneThe magician to find the audience by a coin, and then the coin disappeared in the hands of the magician, appear, disappear, then appear, this time the audience puzzled, the magician said you want to know why? Of course, the audience would like to know, when the magician said: in fact, this coin eyes, he knew the way, so you can run in the hands of the audience, certainly do not believe, the magician made the audience seriously looking at the coin, the coin suddenly emit water, ha ha! Instant let each other “wet” body! hold MM Essential oh!

– Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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