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Fire Magic

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Finger Fire – Fire Magic | CentMagic


-Wonderful magic tricks prop

-100% brand new and high quality

-The apparatus supplied will make the working obvious. Four gimmicks are supplied, one for each finger of either hand. Properly placed, they are invisible to the audience. The effects are unbelievable. Use them for a traveling flame effect or an outrageous multiplying flame effect. Gimmicks are easily used and disposed of at the end of the effect.

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

Fire Fan – Fire Magic | CentMagic


-Perform incredible magic with skillful deception that will A–MAZE your friends and family

-Easy-to-learn & FUN to perform

-Great GIFT for the magic hobbyist or professional

-Learn the SECRET! Customize and create YOUR own magic

-Includes clear, step-by-step instructions as needed

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

Fire Gloves – Fire Magic | CentMagic


-First, completely soak a fire glove in water,squeeze it to semi-dry,and then immediately wear on the hand,finally wear a dry glove on the same hand. Actually, one hand wear two gloves, inside with wet glove,outside with dry glove. Then, drip 5-10 drops lighter fluid(zippo oil) on the dry glove uniformly

-Your hands get close to fire and your gloves are on fire,hold the fire on 5-15 seconds won’t hurt the hands, burning in long time will hurt the hands

-The fire gloves can be used to light the fire magic tools

-Grip your hands together to put out fire

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

Fire Illusion – Fire Magic | CentMagic


-The device has a variety of different ways, you can use it to put the object variable to walk or change, can even be used to Prank Your friends! But when the effect appears, you can immediately confessed empty hands to the audience. Like fire magic friends can not be missed!

-The igniter for button switch can control by yourself, never appear ignition failure,

-Special note: add a section of 9V ordinary alkaline batteries can be used!

– Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

Fire Powder – Fire Magic | CentMagic


– Fire Powder (bottle pack)

– Are you tired of flash paper and flash cotton? Let’s try to add some fire powder. The flash effect is more awesome!!!

– Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

Hand Fire – Fire Magic | CentMagic


-This is the best engineered fire gimmick on the magic market today.

-Using these gimmicks you can produce a flame from one or both hands just as easy as using a lighter.

-Magically Produce Fire at will to dazzle and amaze your audience with this wonderful and brillant gimmick!

-Once you buy magic props from here, i will send you the products teaching video via email if you need it!!!

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

Hand Flash Gimmick – Fire Magic | CentMagic


-Magic numerous new ideas and improved crystallization, so that your palms in an instant explosion of flame,

-And change many things you want to change out (such as candles, pigeons, scarves, etc.)

-With many existing stage action. To complete the magic effect if you buy two better performance –


– Empty

-handed effluent

– Hands Flash

– Flash scarves

– Flash candle disappear or appear

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

Mini SnowStorm Cannon – Fire Magic | CentMagic


The use of electronic technology to manufacture the magic props, magic gun control in 2008 for the United States a trump card magic magic OEM manufacturing company, props technology is very attractive, the quality of the magic community recognized by the United States, announced the company’s Web site is a real photo shoot.

This effect is magic props: magician on the stage to empty out the dazzling fireball jet, so that the whole atmosphere was more tense stage magic, if the operation can also be used to ignite other skilled combustible items or props, oh.

Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

The?Candle?Flames?Floating – Fire Magic | CentMagic


-fire magic,mentalism,stage magic props, illusions,close-up,comedy,

-Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

Torch Vanishing – Fire Magic | CentMagic


 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Great trick to add to your repertoire if you do not already have it. Can also be used in conjunction with existing illusions. NO INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED

 This is a top product that can be used by professional magicians either as a part of your show, or perhaps as an instructional tool.

 Also recommended for aspiring magicians who want to entertain boys, girls, adults, or nearly any audience. Get amazing reactions!

 Great trick to add to your repertoire if you do not already have it. Can also be used in conjunction with existing illusions.

 Entertain crowds of nearly any sort.

 Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

Ultra Puff Of Smoke – Fire Magic | CentMagic


Very, very safe water-like vapor.

No harmful or corrosive chemicals.

Instantly repeatable.

Made from the finest laboratory grade material for superior –performance and extra-long life.

Clean, easy and very practical to operate.

Easy to put on…

No Reset

Very reliable, low maintenance, no angle problems

Kingmagic Brand , High Quality

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